Welcome to Fill My Cup, a girl’s practical guide to faith, marriage, wellness, and life in the real world. From someone who has lived a lot more life than I bargained for in the last two years, I wanted to create a space for others to learn from my mistakes and life lessons, and to discover the joy in everyday life.

From marrying my Coastie four months after our initial engagement, to moving five times in the last year and a half, to an unexpected but happily-embraced pregnancy, I’ve found I have a lot to say about important topics such as Growing Up: What No One Tells You, Getting Married: What No One Tells You, How to Be a Military Spouse: What No One Tells You, Physical Intimacy after a Lifetime of Sexual Purity: What No One Tells You…Annnd countless others. 

If you are a young woman learning how to navigate the waters of life, whatever they may bring, I am here for you. If you are looking for friendship, mentorship, or just a path through the dark, I am here for you. Or, if you’re simply in need for an uplifting anecdote to read to accompany your morning cup of coffee, I’ve got you, girl. 

Allow Jesus to fill your cup and soothe your soul as you read through the words on these pages.

Many blessings,